Let's make life beautiful

If you cannot see where you are going, then ask someone who has been there before
- J Loren Norris


Preparing for an interview is never easy but being prepared will improve your chances. Here is a short writeup of the basics to know for getting ready for an interview. Learn how to conduct yourself, what to prepare, and ultimately how to nail the job of your dreams.

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Retrenchment sucks. It can crush your confidence and leave you in an unplanned and alarming situation. However, life goes on and so should you. Here are a few things I recommend to help deal with being retrenched.

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We all want to reach our epitomes of success someday. So what is holding us back?

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Lamplight is about inspiration. It is about seeking out your joy in life and grabbing it - whatever that may be! We all want to achieve something, each person has his or her dreams and aspirations that give us a little spring in our steps. But we all could benefit from a little help along the way.

Somedays you are on top of your game and the way forward could not be brighter. On others you feel at a loss and can hardly muster the energy to just get on with things. You want to achieve something great, but you don't know what. You want to kick butt in your career, but you have no idea how you are even going to get your foot in the door. You want to have that magazine-worthy wardrobe or home, and you want to look like you've come from a Bobbi Brown makeup shoot, but you barely have enough in your account to splurge on that nice bottle of wine at that nice wine estate.

Spoiler alert - this can be your-amazing-self! if you want it to be. But we know it's not just that simple. Sometimes you need inspiration and a reassuring word of advice.

Lamplight offers guidance, advice, and some cool courses to anyone looking to better their work, person, or physical space. Because sometimes all you need to find your joy is the right attitude and someone to point you in the right direction. Come on, let's make life beautiful.


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